Bộ đồ ăn giao, dĩa, thìa, ống hút, đũa

Bộ đồ ăn gồm có : giao, thìa, dĩa, ống hút, đũa được làm bằng 100% tre MAO tự nhiên phân hủy được. Áp dụng: Sử Dụng cho bữa ăn tối, các bữa tiệc nướng ngoài trời, dã ngoại ngoài trời, tiệc tùng, mùa hè buổi tối, học sinh, sinh viên, nhân viên văn phòng.

  • Liên hệ
  • Tình trạng: Còn trong kho
  • Mã sản phẩm: SET3-05032020
Số lượng
Mô tả:
100% Thương hiệu mới và chất lượng cao
Chất liệu: tre Tự Nhiên
Kích thước:
Muỗng: 20*4.2 cm
Nĩa: 20*2.6 cm
Dao: 9.5*2 cm
Ống hút: 20*4.2 cm
Đôi đũa: 20*4.2 cm
Trọng lượng: Khoảng 50g
Áp dụng: Sử Dụng cho bữa ăn tối, các bữa tiệc nướng ngoài trời, dã ngoại ngoài trời, tiệc tùng, mùa hè buổi tối, học sinh, sinh viên, nhân viên văn phòng, v. v.
Tính năng:
Làm bằng Tay và làm bằng tre tự nhiên. Độ bền cao. Sự kết hợp giữa dĩa, muỗng (thìa), và dao là một Phải-có công cụ hoàn hảo dã ngoại. Đẹp túi là một tốt dao kéo lưu trữ, đó sẽ là một sự lựa chọn tốt để làm quà tặng.
Bộ sản phẩm Bao Gồm:
1 PC Dao
1 PC Thìa
1 PC Fork
1 PC Straws
1 PC chopsticks

Tùy biến: Logo, Bao bì, kích thước 

Đơn hàng tối thiểu: 50 bộ

Xuất xứ: Việt Nam

Đóng gói & Giao hàng: hộp kraft cá nhân

Đặt hàng: 2-5 ngày

Thanh toán: paypal, chuyển khoản T / T, COD

Vận chuyển: DHL, UPS, EMS, thỏa thuận

angieD - 07/07/2020

I recently start eating my salad in bamboo bowl and wanted a chopstick and fork with it. This set was all I could ask for. Beautifully packed and easy to clean. I love the way it feels and eating with it it's a pleasure. I love the minimalism approach. I don't know how long the fork will last it feel like it could break easily. I use the spoon and chopsticks daily. Once a while I put little oil to restore the wood . Love the straw nicely pair with the cleaning brush. Overall, I love it very much and would recommended for daily or travel needs. Eco freindly!
Eva - 04/07/2020

Gone are the days when I have to ask around for a plastic fork. This set is super light and it's great to have all the different utensils - especially both fork and knife - with me all the time. The lightness factor is huge. I can carry them in my handbag without having it weigh a ton. The only downside is the fork can be challenging to clean but the brush that's included (supposedly to clean the straw) works to clean it but depending on what you've eaten you NEED the brush to get between the tines (teeth?). So, the fork can be a little challenging to clean BUT the brush is included in the pack and the whole pack is light enough to carry everywhere all the time. I don't really camp but I imagine if you were watching weight for your pack this would be key. It's cool that bamboo is durable and grows quickly so that their production doesn't negatively impact the environment but the REAL impact for me is no more plastic forks EVER again.
Charlotte P - 14/05/2020

love these! perfect for work or school
taylor richeson - 11/05/2020

I love the case for the utensils it very easy to use and very compact. I work 24 hour shifts in EMS and working in a ambulance all day so it nice and each to have on hand when I do get to eat. I will definitely buy more for camping and a back up set.
Alexa Rosado - 01/05/2020

Looks exactly like the picture and came much sooner than expected!
Charles R Smith Jr - 01/05/2020

This was the best thing I bought when traveling to Vietnam. Due to not the most sanitized eating utensils I bought this, unfortunately I lost most of these pieces so I'll be purchasing a new pair soon!
Christopher Basaldua - 01/05/2020

Colour nice, much sturdy, such wow
patricia - 21/04/2020

Very nice- bring lunch to hospital every day and nice to have this. Grest for travel. Ordered a second.
Tiff - 21/04/2020

I love this set especially the cute bag they come in.
gary - 16/04/2020

I bought this item to keep at my desk so that I stop wasting so much plastic and hoping to inspire other coworkers. I recommend this item for you.

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