Bamboo Tea Box

Bamboo tea box or bamboo tea jar is made from natural, environmentally friendly bamboo. Tea containers are manufactured by modern machinery with sophisticated designs and striking lines. A suitable tea box is a high-end gift for luxury guests.


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Tea box / Tea jar made of bamboo Tea containers are made from natural bamboo, environmentally friendly, safe for the community to use.

Tea box has 02 highlights:

Tea lid: Exquisitely designed, smooth with the curved curve of the lid to create a perfect overall overall Tea Box. The lid of the box fits snugly with the body of the bottle, helping to preserve the product in the box for long and complete storage of the product.

The body of the teapot: The body of the teapot exudes a work of art that is integrated by the sculptural details at the foot of the teapot. Feel the touch when touching the body of the tea box is smooth, smooth to create a sense of cool, close to nature at the first touch.

Technical information about tea containers Tea boxes / jars have the following dimensions:

The height:

  1. 10cm
  2. 14cm
  3. 16cm
  4. 18cm
  5. 20cm
  6. 22cm
Custom height according to your requirements. Product diameter from 5cm - 8cm

You can completely choose to add Laszer engraving feature according to the required design content: brand logo engraving, product content engraving, tea box engraving. With this feature, makes a difference, unique from the internal quality of the product to the outer beauty of the bamboo box.



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